Set max rows in a dataset

Hi. I have a user dataset (separate from the USER set by bubble) where I’d like to set a hard limit on the number of rows (or additional users) someone can create. Can this be done?

Hi there, @webshaun… if I understand your post correctly, yes, you can do what you described by adding a condition to the workflow event that creates a thing in the data type in question, and the condition would allow the workflow to run only when a count of a search for things created in that data type by the current user is less than a particular number. You could also use the same condition in the front end to hide/disable a button when the user has reached their max.

Hope this helps.


Sure. The user action / button that a user clicks on to create a new dataset should be inactive if user’s user dataset count >= max records.

Thanks all. Yes I used a condition and it works just fine, however the dataset still adds the row if the user clicks the button. It just doesn’t show up in the RG. I had hoped you could just add a limit on the dataset directly but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Wishful thinking I guess.

I like the idea of disabling the button, I’ll do that. Thanks!

You can stop a thing from being created in the database, so you might want to share some screenshots so we can see how you did it.