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How to display a list in a chart

Dear Bubble community,

I am struggling with charts.js (the Bubble plugin). I would like to display, in a bar chart, revenues by month of a company. The x and y-values are added to a list of elements:


And the user lands on the page with data, hence the “Parent group’s investments” in the data source, value expression and label expression.


Has anynone any idea how I could display a graph like this?


Thank you in advance for your help!


Thank you, but from what I understand in this video, data are split in different entries, whereas I would like all my entries to be contained in a single entry.

Any idea if this is possible wityh charts.js?

Thank you!

You can do it with this free plugin Google Charts Plugin | Bubble. It takes values and labels as lists.


Thank you so much, you saved my project! :heart_eyes: