Displaying a list in a chart


I am trying to display a list in a chart but just going round in circles at the minute and was hoping someone could help if possible please? Basically all I want as the data source is the list (unit sales) which is a list of numbers to be the data displayed in the chart from the current user. I just go round in an endless loop when trying to select the data source and it always shows red. Can someone please advise what this data source should be set as?


Can anyone help me with this please or advise if it’s not possible? I have setup a couple of test pages and the editor link is below with descriptions if anyone would like to have a play around. Any help much appreciated.

Set the data type for the chart to whatever data type lists is. For example, if it’s a list of texts, set the chart type to text.

Hi thanks, but still no luck. I’ve got two charts on the page where I showed the editor above and been going round in circles for two days now trying to display the list in either one of them. I set it to ‘list’, it’s actually a list of numbers under ‘User’ but I can’t see anyway of changing it to numbers.

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