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How to display all events in current day?

Hey there!

How can I display some info about event’s of selected day (Calendar)?
2 events
S o when I’m clicking for example on event I want to see all event theme’s in this day

I should display it in Pop Up.
But I don’t see way how make that…

Imo not sure what calendar you’re using, but if it’s the standard Bubble one then you can use an element event on click of either a day or an event, then display the relevant data in the popup, which can be a list of the day’s events, or the date (which you can then use to search for other events).

Hi, Adam!

Yes I use Bubble’s plugin for Calendar.
I’ll say the logic what I already have: Clicking on dayDisplaying data to Pop up: This calendar’s current eventShow Info Pop up → And here I should see some like a list of all events theme’s.
I have for choose:

Themes for the current event?

Or themes for all the current days events?

Either way, once the datasource you want is passed to the popup you can display whatever data you want.

I.e. Popup’s event’s list of themes, or popup’s list of events’ themes etc. (it really depends exactly what you’re trying to display and how your data is set up, but that’s the general idea).

Or themes for all the current days events? ▬ this one.

I don’t understood what… Data I should send there.
I send some data to pop up and can display only theme of event that I click on.
I record short video, so hope that will help, cause I still don’t see the solution.

The easiest way (there are a few ways) will be to use the same workflow to display the relevant data in the RG as well…

So use Display List to populate the RG inside the popup with the calendar’s Current Days Events.

What is “RG”?

Repeating Group (the one inside your popup)

Can you look, I did that you tell?

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