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Can't display data of selected day in Pop up

What’s up guys,

I use Full Calendar by Bubble.
I try to show selected calendar field’s date in pop up, but it don’t see it.

I try display data in workflow, but It says that some wrong:

What I should do with that?
P.S. Wrong only to display in pop up, If I display on index page, that’s works.

What type of data is the popup expecting? (i.e. what is it’s content type?)

Hi, Adam.
There expecting my own type MyCalendar, is there way to choose more that one content type (i.e. I want my pop up get 2 or more content types)?

If it’s expecting ‘MyCalendar’ data then that’s the issue (as you’re currently trying to send a ‘date’).

A popup can’t have more than one content-type, but you can use custom states for basically the same purpose - you can have as many custom states, of as many different content types as you like.

So use custom stated instead of the popup content-type (or as well as) and set the state values in the same workflow you use to open the popup.

I tried:

And try write in text box

And I record 38 seconds video to show all processes… That still not work

Maybe issue in my state value?

It all looks good to me, so I can’t see what the issue is - maybe use the debugger to try to identify why the date is not being set (or if it is, why it’s not being displayed).

Ok, I’ll try

I made some researches and there is issue that when I’m click on event (not select day), then Calendar don’t catch info about that… I think that’s a bug and that’s be good for Bubble to add feature, when I click on event I get day on what I click on that )

Thanks you, Adam

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