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[SOLVED] View event in Calendar plugin

I’ve been playing around with the Calendar plugin today, and I noticed that there is no way to directly edit or view an event that is displayed on the calendar. I read through the documentation on the creator’s website, and it looks like it is possible, but from what I can tell it’s not possible in Bubble. If that’s the case, is there any way that functionality can be added?

If there was a way that it could trigger a workflow event, that would be perfect.


P.S. I suppose a workaround for now would be to limit the calendar to one display type (month/week/day) and then put an invisible element on top of each field. When the element is clicked it opens a popup and populates it with all the events for that date…

What you can do is trigger an event when the users clicks on an event. So if you do that, you can do a lot after, like displaying the event data in a group, making change to it, etc.

You can also access the current day, if there is no event, which is useful to create a new event.

Why don’t you experiment on the forumapp (or your own public app) and then others can jump in.


Oh awesome! I didn’t even notice the other workflow items that were added with the Calendar.

I created a page on the forumapp and set it up so that an event can be added. I then created a group to display the info and added a workflow item to display the group when an event is clicked. I’m struggling with getting the data in the group to reflect the event, though. Right now it is just displaying some filler “Lorem ipsum…” text. How do I capture the clicked-on event’s name/ID and pass it to the display group?

It’s the currently selected event. You access it doing ‘Calendar A’s current event’, etc. in the dropdown.

Ah I see it now. Thanks for your help!

How did you solve the issue where you couldn’t click on a calendar date? I’ve looked at your example, and I’ve copied it but still can’t figure out how to click on a date in the calendar.