How to filter repeating group data with input box

Hey all,

I’m working on setting up an input element to be used to filter/search for specific values inside of a repeating group data set.

Is there a way to set it up where it only displays results based on the first few characters? Mine is working fine, however it also shows me results based on the second word in a data set. For instance, if I start typing “S” to I can find a data set called “Sentry Insurance”, it shows me the “Sentry Insurance” data set just like I wanted. But it would also show me “Accredited Specialty” because the “S” in the second word. I don’t want that.

I’ve included pictures of how it is setup and what is exactly happening.


For this, you need to experiment a bit with Bubble’s search feature. This method has worked for me: I truncate the customer’s first name to the same length as my search term, and then I use Bubble’s contains to see if they match.


How are you able to get it to show advanced in the filter settings? Mine only allows me to select the data data set value, then it has to be an equal sign or contains or something along those lines.

You have to choose “filtered” at the end of your data source, and within that filter, you choose “advanced”.

That worked perfectly. I appreciate the help.

That worked perfectly. I appreciate the help. One more question… Do you know how to make it not case sensitive?

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(Caveat: I’m not in front of my computer so I don’t have the exact verbiage)

I believe what you need to do is Format As: Capitalized Words (of thats how they’re in the database).