How to display data type information on a pop up

Hi I am hoping someone can help.
I have a data type “incident” and within that data type have a number of fields, 2 of these fields are “people” and “property” I have also created a data type with these 2 fields so in essence I have 3 data types. Incident, people and property.

I have a Repeating Group showing some fields within the Incident data type and there is a button that i have created to take me to a pop up that will show all the specific incidents fields information.

I have set this up below:-
Repeating group

I have a pop up to show all incident fields data and this has the below set up:

I click the button in the repeating group (highlighted in red above) and it shows the pop up using the below workflow

The workflow works and the incident i have selected opens in the pop up.

I want to do the same for People and property however these dont work,
I have a seperate repeating group for Property and another for People. I have the repeating group set up as below:

When i set up the workflow to click the button to open the pop up i want it to show all the “incidents” information (all the incidents fields) (the same as the previous workflow) However this doesnt work as i have the below options when i select display Incident pop up:

In essence i need to display incident but this isn’t happening are you able to help at all please?

What is the link between person and property to incident?
This is how you will get your answer to be able to use the current cell data and provide related incident item.
It could be a Current user / property’s related field to incident OR Do a search for Incident where user / property = current cell :first item

@Jici Thank you for the quick reply I have had a couple of months off building and cant work it out now, it may be simple but just cant work it out.
This is how my data is set up:

On the data to display below what do i need to search to get the incident to show when selcting person or property?

Do a search for incident (where People contain current cell persons):first item

SOrry got to this point but i dont have first item as the last option this is as far as i can get


The constraint need to be set on (in) the Search for… not after. Click on search for and add constraint
Search for incident you just complete with :first item.

like this?

If so i still get an error

Error tell you that Attention popup type is not set…

Sorry i havent replied sooner i had another error that was stopping this working. This now works thank you so much

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