How to display different columns values in a repeating group straight from API


I’m trying to display a list of results retrieved from an API action call, I have struggled for 2 days and couldn’t manage to do it via Things, it was driving me crazy, until I came across this post : JSON API GET call: Separate rows - #9 by bellatigmehdi which worked, by using a repeating group!

My happiness was short lived though as straight away I hit the next roadbloack, how do display different element in different columns of the repeating block ?! I can’t figure out how…

So i’ve created 4 different repeating groups, aligned them together, and have 4 api action calls in the workflow for each column … which is obviously so inefficient as it’s 4 api call that get the exact same data, and hence is very slow to load.

Surely I am missing something, if anyone could help it’d be highly appreciated.


Luckily, you can do this with one repeating group. Instead of setting the repeating group to have four columns, just use one. Then put the four text values in that single repeating row.


Thank you for the answer.

I tried yesterday and again today, it seems to be working yes, but i’m having a lot of trouble moving the elements inside the repeating group, for some reason it keeps getting out of the parent group (repeating group) and i can’t get it back in :confused:

Any easier way to handle this ? the repeating group doesn’t appear in the “Parent” dropdown menu of the element …


Development tip for repeating groups: set the layout style to only display 1 row so that you have more room. With RGs, you only design one cell anyway, so once it’s set up to your liking, then you can configure the layout if you need it to display a certain number of rows by default.

You probably just moved the text and it jumped behind the RG.


Thank you for the tip! Are you the roman from coaching bubble ? if so I literraly was just watching a video of yours about repeating groups on youtube :smiley:

Is there a way to lock these elements inside the repeating group so they don’t jump out ?

EDIT : I have created a new subject to inquire about repeating groups as it’s not about APIs anymore.


Yep, that’s me :slight_smile: (I have a ton of resources on too)

Looks like you got it sorted out in the other thread. Keep up the great progress!

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Hi, I’m just wrapping up Gabi’s fastrack course. I highly recommend it. Gabi (coaching bubble) goes over creating repeating groups and API connections. ( you’ll need the API course bundle. ).

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