How to display different things in same page by clicking the buttons?

Hi All,

I want to display things in same page as below.
If I clicked “A”, the “A” data will come out.
Then I clicked “B”, the “A” data will hide and “B” data come out.

I want to ask:
1)Which element/container should I use for the data display part?
2)How can the data display change to B from A if I clicked “A button”>“B button”, but not show both A&B?

Thanks a lot !

  1. You can simply use text element to display data.
  2. You can create 2 text element, set workflow like this, to display corresponding data.

Hope this help.

That’s great, thank you! Can I use a group instead if I want to show both text and image?

Yes, you can.

Okay, thank you very much!

In your workflow button A when clicked the logic in the element menu… if the group “A” is visible the hide it…you do this by choosing…on ONLY WHEN…group A …chose either …is visible or isn’t visible. Then create another workflow with inverse condition i.e group is visible or isn’t visible then the event is SHOW group A. Now use the condition when A button is clicked chose text to change to B…Thus B and its data will be displayed

Thank you very much! Will try it!

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