Hiding/Displaying groups on click

So I’m trying to create a platform/portal (Pretty standard with a nav bar on the left and a secondary header nav bar) However I’ve created groups for each clickable nav button on the left to display the correct group when I click it however I can’t seem to display the group I want and hide all the rest. How would I put in conditions that say If nav button is clicked = Display group X and Hide all other groups. Is there a way to do this ?

HI Calum,
for this you can use states. States basically allow you to store data.

  1. On one nav buttons workflow, add a new action: Find it under element actions-> Set state. Create a new state for the nav button that is type number; eg called “item shown”. Set that state to a number, e.g. 1.
  2. On elements you want to show when that button is clicked, make them invisible on page load (scroll down to untick the box) and under conditional: If nav button’s state is 1: make visible.
  3. Go to each nav button and copy paste the workflow action. E.g. if button profile is clicked, set state to 2, if button more info is clicked, set state to 3.
  4. For elements you want to show, right click the conditional from 2 and copy the condition and paste it to other elements; if necessary change the condition depending which elements you want to show.

hope this works for you,
let me know if you have any questions.

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