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How to display images from box plugins

how to display images from storage box after I uploaded using box plugin. thanks for help.

need help…:disappointed_relieved:

I need help with this too.
Edit, privacy permissions took a while to update.
Edit, Some images are previewing others are not, i think its large images that are not previewing…

I need help with this too.

I would like to know how to preview files in a Box folder in a Bubble app using the Box plugin.

Following this procedure, I found that uploading to the BOX folder is possible from the FileUploader element.

However, I don’t know how to preview the BOX files in the Bubble app.
Please let me know if anyone knows how to preview BOX files using this Box plugin.

Hey codkod!

You can create a new type of thing in your database called “uploaded images”. Doing this, you can save the image’s link in your database and use it to display the image in a repeating group or a image element in your editor.

NOTE: Go to your workflow tab, click on the new workflow option, elements section and select “an input’s value is changed”. The input that you’re going to select is yous picture uploader your a file uploader to create the workflow that is going to save the image’s link in youe database.

Hope that it can solve your problem.