How to display "loading" text while RG is loading data?

I am trying to figure out how to improve our UX with an RG that is slow to load. I want to be able to show a “searching…” text while the RG is loading data on page load.

We also have a bunch of chain filters setup too, while filtering the RG, the previous data keeps showing until the new data is loaded. I would like the table RG to clear or hide first, show the “searching…” text then load the RG with the results.

I tried using the RG is loading condition but it doesn’t seem to work.

What’s the trick?

You can check this topic for some ideas:

if you are using daisy chain filtering you mind as well keep adding to use of workflow actions and hide/show the loading text in workflows

Yeah I tried that but by the time I show the RG, it’s still not done loading. So for example it would hide the RG, show the waiting text, hide the waiting text, show the RG (unchanged, spinning), then load the new data. So it hid and showed faster than it took for the RG to load… Super confusing.

Let me check the post shared by @artemzheg

So what I do is go into demo mode and count on average how many seconds it takes to load. Then I create a popup that says “loading” with a moving circle. I set up my workflow to:
When page is loaded: show xxpopup
Add pause between actions (average amount of seconds eg 5 seconds = 5000
Close popup

If thats not long enough you can probably put a condition on the close popup action that says “only when repeating groups list of datatype = search for datatype count” I haven’t tried this but it might work?

The best solution in that post as far as I’m concerned is this below

But again, if you are using daisy chain filtering, you should have absolutely no problem adding in the workflow actions to hide and show you text. Simply show text as first action in your daisy chain filtering sequence, and hide the text as the very last action in the daisy chain sequence.

I personally don’t know why anybody uses daisy chain filtering, but based on what I understand of how it makes use of multiple workflow actions and usually custom workflow triggers, it would be easy to make sure you first show text, and last hide text as part of that series of workflow actions and triggers.

Showing and hiding the text works as expected, but showing / hiding the RG while it is doing its search and load is what’s not working well. Bu the time the text hides, the RG is still spinning, showing old data.

I wouldn’t hide the repeating group, only the text…you can make it so you have a group the text is inside, and the group has a background color same as your page and make it take up the entire page, or at least cover the repeating group, and hide/show this group instead of only the text…but again, I wouldn’t hide/show the repeating group.