How to display the number of items on a list that have a specific attribute


I am trying to develop a “market watch” for the listings on my app. Each listing has many attributes, but I want the market watch to focus on the status of listings from the last 24 hours, last 3 days, or last week.

I’m starting with “do a search for”… then “listings” and then from there I’m not sure what to do.

Basically I want it to look like this where “x” is the number of listings that have that particular status:

ACTIVE---------- (x)
SOLD------------- (x)

Thank you so much for your help!

This post may help -

Thank you, I read over that post but am still having trouble. I will keep trying!

Does this example help?

The first RG simply displays all firstnames in the table names. The second displays a count of each firstname in the table. In your case, I guess names = listings and firstname = status.

I hope this helps.

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