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Return records created within past 11 hours?

I’m trying to figure out how to return all records created by a specific user within the past 11 hours.

Any idea how to set this up?

The report will be run at 5pm, so I want to collect all records that have been run since 6pm.

It seems like I want to do this when the created date is less then the current date/time by 11 hours.

Here’s where I’m currently at.

Any idea?

Can you enter a negative value in +(hours) ? If so, enter -11, change “<” to “>” and you are done :wink:

Let me check on that. Thanks!

But maybe if you don’t want to miss things in your report, you should add a flag “reported” then do a search on things that have “reported” set to false, create your report, then set the flag “reported” to true for all the things in the report ?

Using 11hours instead of 12 will make you miss some records

I can’t do negative, I just tried.

I like the “reported” idea. Would “reported” by a new field that is tied to each new record?

So the process would be

  1. For each new record add “true” to the “reported” field.
  2. Every day send out an email to with all records that have “reported” set to “true”
  3. When that email is sent, all “reported” fields are set to “false.”

Is that basically it?

That’s it!
Althought I would have used the “reported” field the other way (first set it to false by default, and then send it to true once the email is sent).

Got it. I see where you’re coming from, set it to false in that it hasn’t been reported but needs to be.

I’ll let you know if I have any questions about setting this up.

By the way, adding a negative hour value does work for me :slight_smile:
But the reported option is better I think (that way if a workflow is canceled, you still don’t miss records)

Ok thanks.

Another quick question. This report is for the number of sales appointments that have been booked by specific sales person. I need to return just the count for booked appointments, for a specific sales person, for that date.

With this, it will return all of the calls for the day.

How do I also specify the count itself not the entire list?

if you click one “more…” after the search result, you can pick “:count”, which returns the number of items in the list.
Does it answer your question ?

Yes, that makes sense. Do I need to specify sales person before doing the “:count”?

If you just want to count the results that correspond to a specific sales person then yes you should add a constrain to your search

Ok, I think I fixed it. I need to have some calls logged and then I can test it to make sure it’s worked. Thanks for your help.

@florent.bocquelet ok, so I’m trying to add this contraint to my search but I’m not sure how to do it.

Basically, I have a table called “sales rep” and there’s 5 people in it.

I’m trying to find calls with only the name of the sales rep only matches one of the sales reps name.

Here’s what I have so far.

Any idea how to fix it?

I figured out how to return the count of ALL calls within the past 12 hours, but I can’t figure out how to segment that by “Sales Rep”.

Any ideas?

mm like this I am not sure. Could you share a link to the edit mode of your app ? Or at least some screenshots of the data pannels to see how it is organized

Does this link work?

I think I set the setting to “anyone can view”, do you need to be able to edit?

Yes I will look into it right now

Can you precise a little what you want to achieve ?
You want to get all the calls whose Sales rep is … ?

If I look at what you started; I see that before displaying the calls count, you display the name of the sale rep #7, do you want to count all the calls for that sales rep in particular ?

If this is the case, just add the constrain “HEA Lead SHeet: Sales Rep = Search for Sales Reps:item #7

Good question.

There’s 7 sales reps, I need to get the count for each rep. I only picked number 7 as a test.