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[SOLVED] Displaying items from Thing based on value in list on Thing in Repeating Group

I have a Thing called Requests, which has one column in the database table called Status. The StatusList field is a field type of Status, which comes from a second Thing called Status.

In the Status thing are records like New, Approved, Funded, Rejected, Completed. These records have a field called Order. Where each record is numbered 1,2,3, and so on (e.g. New = 1, Approved = 2, Funded = 3).

I have a repeating group that displays Requests, but I want to limit the requests to those that have a Status with an Order greater than 1 and less than 4.

The issue I’m having is with creating the proper search to only display those Status’.

Any suggestions?

This probably isn’t the most efficient way to accomplish this, but I was able to get the outcome I was looking for using multiple “Do a Search for” and “merged with” functions.

Each “Search for Request” had a constraint on the StatusList field where it equaled one of the Order numbers.

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You posted your solution right as I was typing this haha. BUT I was going to suggest

If “order” is within the ‘Requests’ thing
you should be able to do constraints for data source = Do a search for Requests that say:

order <> Do a search for requests order < 2
order <> Do a search for requests order > 4