How to display this formula with multiple selections from a dropdown?

Hello everyone

I need help in how to achieve this formula

On my order form, the cost total displays a number which is the number rate of an option set service selected .

My challenge is this: On a second dropdown on the same form where a user is able to make multiple selections, I want the original total to double with each additional selection the user chooses after the first choice.

I imagine this is done as a conditional on the text that displays the total, but I have no idea how to go about achieving it?

So many different ways to do it.

One simple dirty way would be to put a custom state that is a number and label it something like ‘quantity’…each time a user selects something add one to the quantity.

Then use that custom state value to multiply by the cost of one item.

This solution makes sense but I can’t figure out how to perform this: “each time a user selects something add one to the quantity”.

I am using Bubble’s multi-option dropdown plugin.

Perhaps using this event may help


Thanks guys. I think I solved this. I gave each option set item in the dropdown a number attribute that equals to 1. Then in the text that displays the cost total I added this after the calculation: * multidropdown’s value:count

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To elaborate on the solution, (for any novices like myself who find themselves facing the same challenge): It turns out my creating “attributes that equal to 1” was redundant and unnecessary because Bubble automatically counts each dropdown item as “1”.

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