Multiple choice in Radio Buttons?

How could I make a multiple choice with Radio Buttons, Checkbox, or Dropdown?

The user can only select one option, need to be able to select more than one…

You can install and use the multi-select dropdown plugin by bubble.

Either that, or a series of Checkboxes could work too. Both Multi-select Dropdown and Checkboxes have different approaches to how they handle the data. Multi-select will create a list for you, whereas a repeating group of checkboxes you might have to create a workflow action to create a custom state with a list of the items selected.

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Thank you both for your reply! I still need to figure out how to sum save data from a normal Input in a repeating group.

In my case, I’m trying to make a Purchase Order Popup form, wich includes: SKU name (first column), Quantity (second column) and Price (unitary cost) (third column). I’m trying to put all in three different inputs in three repeating groups so the user cand put all the info by himself. My big problem is I can’t set the workflow to add a new thing (Purchase Order), cause I don’t know how to set the Quantity column to sum with the actual Stock of the SKU.

I guess the hardest part is to sum Purchase Order new SKU Quantity with SKU actual stock. Is there any documentation about?

I recommend taking a look at your database setup - it may help to write it all out on paper first before putting in the work.

It sounds like you need a datatype, ‘inventory’, made up of type Product (SKU), and type Stock (number). When an order is confirmed of SKUs and Qty, it should deduct the order Qty per line from that SKU’s Inventory Stock. You may then want a datatype ‘backorder’, and when a negative stock is reached, it generates a backorder line. You should have a PO datatype that you can add Backorder lines to, and ‘receive’ inventory against the backorder, which also creates new inventory.

This is more a flow of consciousness in how I would start to think about approaching the data - so again, I recommend sitting down and really thinking through how each action affects the next, and how that data is passed. Good luck!

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Thank you so much for your reply, I will try with your method.