How to display upcoming date by {"Yesterday" "Today" "Tomorrow" "In (1-31) days" "In (1-12) months"

Im creating a crypto project launching website, how do i display the upcoming/since launching days/months when user submit the launch date to their project?

To Display: “Yesterday” “Today”, “Tomorrow”, “In (1-31) days”, “In (1-12) months”, “2 days”, “2 months”, “2 years”.


I really not familiar with date/time thing

Hope someone can help me

Hi there, @superalphadao… I have never used it, but it couldn’t hurt to check out this plugin.

Oh, and here is the thread where the plugin was showcased, in case it might be helpful.


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hey thanks mikeloc for the reply, i already place the dynamic text inside the “Date” section but nothing appears, is there any guide or tutorial on using the plugin?


many thanks to Relative Time plugin, it really helps!, thanks mikeloc!

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