How to Display Work History like LinkedIn


I’m trying to display a user’s Work History on their profile page (similar to, if not exactly like a LinkedIn profile page) but I can’t seem to figure how to update the user information and display the information correctly - nothing is showing up. I’m not sure if it’s my data type set up or my workflow that’s causing the problem.

This is what I have so far:

  1. ‘Work History’ as its own custom data type with fields like “Job title,” “Company” etc.
  2. ‘Work History’ as a field under the User data type with its field type set to ‘Work History’
  3. A form that allows users to add work history with this workflow:
  4. A repeating group on the user’s profile page that’s supposed to show the Work History info:
    work history display
    work history set up

What am I doing wrong / missing?


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Hey there @jtan719,

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Just checking- do you have any data within all those data types? (Note: Live and Development data is separate).

No I’m trying to use the form I created to input the user’s data but it’s not showing up in the database either.

All my other forms are working and showing up in the database.

Did you make a change to the user to add the work history to the user?

Sorry I just checked, I’m not sure how to do that?

When you have the action creating a new Work History entry, the next field should be Make a change to current user, Work History: add Result of Step 1’s Work History

Yes I have this as step 2:

make changes to user

And this as step 1:


It doesn’t seem to be working

Are there any constraints to the search in your repeating group?

No constraints or conditions, no

Ah, I think I spot your issue. Your text elements within the repeating group should be Current Cells, etc

Like this? It’s still not displaying anything in preview mode when I fill out the form :frowning:

current cell example

Do you have a Create a new… action? Looks like you only have a Make a change…

I just tried it, nothing from the form is showing up in the database so I think that’s why there’s nothing to display

Can you link me to your editor? It’ll make it quicker for me to debug the issue compared to a few screenshots.

Ah, the issue is that your Work History field in the User Data Type is not a list, you need to make that a list, then in your repeating group with your work history, the data source should be: Current User’s Work History

Sorry… it’s still not working. I changed the Work History field in the User Date Type to ‘List of Work Historys’ and updated the repeating group’s data source to Current User’s Work History. I wonder if it’s a workflow issue in my form?

The form is called ‘Edit Work History Pop Up’

Hi, thanks for your help. I played around with my workflow settings again based on your suggestions above and was able to make it work! The problem was mainly in my workflow for the form like I suspected.

Thank you!!