Display Users data?

Is it possible to do the following:

  • User signs up through LinkedIn
  • User fills in the gaps in his profile
  • Data is shown in marketplace

In my database I used ‘user’ to link the things (like price, description etc.). Is it possible to show this users data in some kind of marketplace? Or do I need to create a specific listing data type (which I didn’t do)?

Second question: how do I let the database fill in the name retrieved from LinkedIn as name?

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At the current point in time, Bubble’s LinkedIn plugin only has the capabilities of a authentication provider i.e. you may only login in with it.

And in answer to your second question, you can use the repeating group to show user data.

Thanks for your respond!

Actually it worked out. When creating, as a next step, make changes to user. Then connect it with LinkedIn first name and second name :slight_smile: