Trying to display data saved

trying to display a list of the entries in repeating group it shows list but it’s blank

Hi there, @hccountrycompound… check to see if any privacy rules on the associated data type are preventing the entries from being displayed.


ok i will see if i can figure that out any idea where one may find that setting for the field? sorry new to this platform

No need at all to apologize… go to the Data >> Privacy area, click on the associated data type, and if there is a rule, I would suggest you delete it just to see if you can get the data to appear in your repeating group. You can always add privacy rules later to control access to the data.

looks like no rules set do you think it could be because i’m still on a trial plan

No, that wouldn’t be causing it. If you can share some screenshots of the data in your data type and your repeating group’s search, I’m sure we can figure out what’s going on.

Oh, wait… have you added any elements in the repeating group to actually show the data?

i have only added the repeating group so i’m supposed to input something else?

Yes, you need to add elements in the repeating group to show the data. For example, you might have a text element inside the repeating group that show’s the Current cell's Customer's name, assuming you have a field in the Customer data type called name.

I would definitely suggest you work through the tutorials that Bubble provides. They are a great way to learn the basics, and then you can really get going with this amazing platform.