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How to do a programmatical logic in Bubble?

If i want to create a simple app like calculator ,and i want to perform simple calculations like addition,multiplication ,squaring etc that restricts me to do so…how can i do it…

if i want to perform any arithmetic operations i face difficulty to do it…i wish bubble has a complete guide on everything making it a one stop platform for no coding …

please if anyone can mentor me please i would wish to follow them regularly…

i am there on facebook

Hi @jayacharan4, I’d encourage you to get some training on Bubble to get up to speed much more quickly than you can by learning everything from trial and error and/or posting / reading on the forum.

Here’s the course I took first and it was exceptional. Will help you with this challenge and will provide you with a whole lot more understanding so that you’ll be better able to build the rest of your app.

Additionally, there are several people in the community who provide 1on1 training / development support such as @levon, @iamsalar, @romanmg. Each of them have considerable knowledge and expertise and scheduling 1on1 video calls is great way to co-develop your app and learn from experts who can show you a bunch of tips and tricks that are highly relevant to the app you’re looking to build.



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