How did you learn bubble?

Hi guys,
I’m trying to learn bubble but i’m not sure how exactly should i approach learning it ?

i have bought one course and built the app as instructed in the course, while it was excellent and i learned a lot, i’m still not sure about some stuff, mainly it is the logic and the workflows that i still struggle to get my head around.
coming from a coding background, my way is to build an app from scratch and if i face a problem i would google it, since there is a big community there i can find my way there easily.
i’m trying to do the same on bubble but i find it much harder and takes way longer than it should on one problem.
so, i’m interested in knowing how did you guys learned bubble? what is your process for solving a problem? or your process in general?


Hi @LinuxUser,

Welcome to the world of Bubble!

My first suggestion might sound obvious, but going through Bubble’s own tutorials is really what got me through those first steps of learning. Since then, most of what I’ve learned comes from experience (making mistakes, really), and from reading different angles and methods on this forum.

In some cases, when I got stuck on something, a more experienced freelancer would help me out, often taking the time to explain in detail how a problem was solved so that I could do it myself the next time. One of Bubble’s great strength is the forum community, which has been and remains and indispensable help whenever I’m stuck or want a second opinion on something.

I think you’ll find that having a traditional coding background might seem like a hindrance at first, because Bubble approaches several concepts in fundamentally different ways. I’ve heard repeatedly coders are surprised not to find any if/then structures for example, mainly because Bubble is designed to speak a more “common tongue” and avoid programming jargon. However, once you “get” the way Bubble works, I think the coding experience will be a valuable part of your toolkit in building apps.


Hi @LinuxUser,

  1. Keep the world you need to learn as small as possible*
  2. First try stuff myself, endresult is I usually fail in the first go :slight_smile:
  3. See if a tutorial hits on the problem
  4. Read and search on
  5. After not finding it there → Read and search on
  6. After not finding it there →
  7. Then I extend to youtube and just keep varying my keywords I search with.
  8. I first try to make something work anyway possible and only then go on to tighten it up.

*I have no coding background whatsoever, which means I have no view on what generally impacts performance and literally everything from database, UI, UX, SEO, responsiveness, plugins etc. is new. That means I have A LOT to learn. So first order of business for me is to keep the world as small as possible from the beginning and then extend it. This means I first try to really use all native functionality and barely touch upon plugins, I also left privacy and responsivness alone for quite some time.

My approach means I am retouching stuff I have build multiple times, so not really a ‘first time right’ methodology, but at least it gives me short term results which keeps learning on Bubble a lot of fun.

Hope it helps!

By the way: this link of Bubble founder Josh gave fantastic insight on how to achieve performance on Bubble:


Thank you guys for your great insights, this helped me so much. Thanks

My learning process is actually pretty weird. I only learned one tutorial (the Yelp coffee thingy one), then I just experimented. My first app really just used bubble’s default theme. After that I tried taking on bigger projects, and now I’ve come pretty far. It’s amazing how a couple months can make you a pro with Bubble. I wish you have fun with Bubble!

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