Anybody want to help me with bubble app i am trying to learn bubble

i want to learn bubble the youtube videos does not help at all.
please anybody have spare time to teach the how to create complex app like job board where complex settings as repeating group within repeating group how it works. i know this is an odd question to ask in this forum. Please anybody want to have live conversation to help me teach how to build a really complex app. and nitty gritty of bubbleis. i will really appreciate that.

Try to create simple apps first, search for answers on the forum on how to do specific things. Take it easy, I have had the same struggles but in 3 weeks I was able to learn alot through searching. Also consider taking a 10 dollar course on Udemy, it will get you started.


how can ni create a mobile hamburger navigation button on mobile that drops down from above?

Hey, check out the courses on how to use bubble. They do a great job for beginners. And they only cost $10 USD. Well worth it if you are cluelessly navigating around Bubble.

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i dont have money. somebody can video chat me teach me free of cost? may be i all be able to help you in your project future when i learn something?

Have you finished the interactive tutorials provided by Bubble?

yes but i want to learn each detail of it with some live person not a tutorial. tutorial are very time consuming and slow that i would give up. i just need some one that i can talk with online and share our experience with bubble how to create a very complex app. on whatsapp or discord or whatever live chatting software.
Lets create a live community with face time chat for

Dear Mohamed, allow me to be frank with you especially as I live in the middle east (probably we share the same culture). You will probably find no one who will give you online video tutorial for free, what you’re asking for must be paid for, because there is a lot of time and effort in it.

Another concern is that if you don’t have money at all (not even to pay for the udemy 10USD course), then you will not be able to pay the minimal bubble montly plan (around 14 USD), which means that you will not be able to create any complex apps on hobby plan because there is no backend feature in it (API workflows).

Maybe if you want to develop mobile apps with no-code for free, you can find a community around and find free YouTube videos for it too. But bubble is for web-development and you need to pay to learn and use it.

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