How to do a search into MULTIPLE Types?

Let’s say I have 2 Types in my database : User and Product.
They both have one common attribute : is_archived.

Is it possible to perform a search that will return the Thing from User OR Product where is_archived is true ?

If so, does anyone could point me to a resource that explains it ?
If not, is there a work around ?

Thanks for your help.

You can not give one Bubble Element more than one data type to reference. I think the work around would be to use two different groups / repeatinggroups to display the data but style them so it looks like one single repeating group.

You can also look into using satellite data types for searches like this.

Thank you Petter, you’re solution about satellite data types is something I can work with. (Even if believe this will include more workflows to set. :sweat_smile:)

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Awesome :slight_smile:

There is a really hacky way …

Search for both, and return the list of UIDs.

Then have a conditional on a group that shows if the UID is found. So two groups that display if there is something for that UID.

Not elegant :slight_smile: