Stuck On How Search Multiple Data Types With Search & Auto Correct Plugin

Hello, I’m stuck with how Search Multiple Data Types with the Search & Autocorrect plugin. I can only figure out how to use one search at a time. It’s a Dynamic page which shows different categories depending on which tab you have selected. I can only ever get the plugin to show one data type even when I create three different Search Plugin types while hiding & showing each one for the selective category and data type.

My Data Types are
Users Bio, Name, Phone
Topic Text Title text, Body text and so on
Games Image, Game Title, and tags.

All of these are pulling from a Repeating group.

I would like to do this to.

Check out this app

On the index page in preview mode you can search for “apple” and see the different data types that will show.

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This is awesome, however what is the java script in the workflow? I’m not sure how to interpret that part of into my app. Is that just for the cool fade in effect or is it something that is functional?

The javascript was there in an attempt to get a scroll bar added to the group focus that houses the search results. I was never able to figure it out on my own and was never able to get assistance from the community on how to get a scroll bar to be added to the group focus.

The reason for the scroll bar was that I was unable to make sure the group focus height remained the same as the user changed their search (for example from apple to banana). When the users changed their search the group focus lost the height dimensions originally placed on it and expanded to fit all of the four groups for each data type in the search results.

This was a test app to get a site wide search available for my header. As I was unable to get the scroll bar added, what I have ended up doing is placing conditionals for the type of data that can be searched based on the page the user is currently viewing. So, if a user is on the page displaying all the different ‘stores’ then the search bar in header will only show results for stores and if on page displaying all the different ‘deliveries’ the search bar in header only shows the results for deliveries. Essentially limiting the number of datatypes capable of being searched at any one point and eliminating the need for the group focus to have a scroll bar.

Thank you for the response.
What helped me the most is showing me that you could have multiple “search & autocorrect” on the same page and have them reference to the same input field. Great! I was able to search three things within my focus group and a just have the three regular repeating groups which gives me the scroll bars.


Glad you got it to work for you as you’d like. I personally didn’t want to have separate scroll bars and wanted just one scroll bar for the entire group focus element which didn’t pan out.

Now I am thinking I could possible just put everything into one repeating group and put conditionals on the cells to show the type of data results in separate cells.

Your app looks pretty nice. What are you building?

I’m working on a custom CRM/Order Management system for my manufacturing company.
Features include; custom product estimate configurator and iPad/Tablets for each department for live job tracking and a customer portal with live updates of orders through the manufacturing process. Started on it with bubble in 2017, working on it part time. My goal is to go live with it soon! I hope!

Hi @boston85719

I also need to make search which will work in two Data Types: Orders, User. I tried to copy your solution into my app but sth is incorrect. could you please take a look and pint me the error?

App in view mode: Prodentdigital | Bubble Editor

I don’t see anything wrong with this as long as the input you have has Filtr Status zamowienia has the same type of data has the Status on an order data type

And it seems they are both text values

Screen Shot 2021-03-07 at 1.48.16 PM

Not sure what the issue would be if it isn’t working, except perhaps spelling mistakes on the data or in the input…using an option set instead on the data field and a dropdown instead of input will limit that type of potential mistake.