Searching multiple data types with one input

I am trying to search 4 different data types that are all people related, with one search term. For example, type “Dave” and find all the Contact, Instructor, Student, and Parent records.

I am using 4 Search&AutoCorrect elements and trying to share one input element for the Input Box. When the S&A’s share an Input Box ID, they don’t seem to return data. Is there a workaround for this?

One of the options is to use satellite data types.

  1. Create a DT called something like “Everybody”. Add fields you need to search trough and to display (for example, name, type [contract/instructor…] and so on)
  2. Add a new step in your contract/instructor/student/parent creations WF: create a new Everybody and reference the result of the previous step to populate fields (like name = result of step X's name, type = result of step X's type

As a result - you’ll be able to search through every type of things within 1 data type.

P.S. You can read details about satellite DTs here: Satellite Data Types In Bubble | Complete Guide

thanks @artemzheg that was helpful…It was a bit of challenge because some of the tables were in Bubble while the others are in Xano but I create an Everything object dynamically and then use it for search. Makes it very quick.

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