How to do calculations with filtering data from Bubble's Database


I need to generate a report calculating the amount needed for each resource used in procedures, based on the number of students in a number of courses where these procedures are performed.

My data structure is similar to this:

But I’m having a hard time finding a way to multiply the quantity of each resource by the number of students in the respective course and then sum them up to generate the report.

I was trying to solve it by generating nested or a sequence of repeating groups, but I couldn’t access data from higher levels and also couldn’t consolidate multiple items in deeper levels.

Is there a smarter way to solve it?

Thanks guys!

Tell us more about structure of you data. If you capture them that would help. The number of students is easy. What about procedures can you elaborate more please

Sure, @solinz!

Like this?


Sorry for late reply i have implemented for you here:

Hi, @solinz!

Thanks for your reply.

Actually I could get to this point, the issue is that I need to consolidate the resouces, aggregating the quantities of each procedure, resulting a single entry for each resource.

Generating a kind of shopping list.

In your example the final result shoud be:

Item 1 ----- Qty: 44
Item 2 ----- Qty: 8

I’m considering using a javascript for that, but there may be a way to do it withoug coding, do you see how?

Thanks again!


Have you tried… i use it with everything… it does what you want with ease

Not yet, but I’ll take a look.

Hi @solinz.

I’ve been trying the RG Extractor/Data, but I can only extract information consolidating by course and not by item in this exemple.

I’m using the nesteg example of the plugin documentation.

Do you have any further advice?


did you try to use group by item name so you have item names separated and sum quantities then use RG extractor. otherwise you can redo data structure (dealing with lists are difficult by itself so maybe making item1 under one list and item 2 under another) or maybe to capture quantities when you enter them. i will try to do it whenever i have chance to be in front of laptop.

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Yeah, I tried that either.

In the end I acomplished what I needed by using the List Shifter plugin (List Shifter: Reverse, Rotate, Swap and ITERATE (Loop) Over Bubble Lists | Now at v1.4: Adds Numeric Option, GET INDEX Action) to iterate over my filtered list and calculate the value for each type of item.

Seems to be a really powerful Plugin!

Thanks for your support @solinz and hope the discussion will help someone else in the future. :slight_smile:

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Perfect i am glad you made it. I will check out the plugin as well

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Yep, this is the correct solution to your problem. While “RG Extractor” is a cute trick, it’s (quite frankly) a dumb solution to the problem of iteration in Bubble. Repeating Groups are not computational elements. They are a means to visualize a list.

(Aside: A bunch of interesting new capabilities are coming very soon to List Shifter. Watch the original List Shifter thread for details.)

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@keith have used calendar pro and i will use this plugin. I like that when you do something you provide the complete solution as always. And you apply it for others to see the functionality. Which is great.