Important features for reporting and working with (relatively) big data

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we are working with several clients for creating their corporate reporting and automation tools. We are facing difficulties in running bulk operations. For example creating a list of things from an API call. Right now we need to set up a sort of a loop that would read the API call and create a thing one by one, which is not very convenient.
The other point is grouping and calculations - there is no easy way to for example calculate a sum of number fields in a given table based on a certain search, or do other calculations.

Are there any suggestions how to be with these, or maybe you can push some updates that would allow handling such operations?


Did you make any progress on creating a list of things from an API call?

not yet, still working on it, i will let you know if we succeed

Hey @levon

would appreciate your input here again, frankly i am at a loss with this

Hey @AliFarahat Bubble has added schedule an API workflow on a list, this is the only solution right now to create a list of things. Can this help you somehow?

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If you can pull back the API array into a bubble RG, then you can run workflows on this list.

Doing it without a repeating group solely in an API… I wonder if you could duplicate the API call, one for Action and One for Data.

So step 1 : Perform the Action on the API
Step 2 : Schedule API on a List. Data = the Data API, list = Step 1.

@levon @NigelG

Thanks for the feedback. I have used schedule an API on a list and it works as expected. My requirement revolves around the ability to aggregate data in a query type manner; which i can then later use to generate a graph.

Did you guys face a situation like this, any workaround or solutions?

can you bring an example?


I have 1000 employees that have each have one of the below status (text field)

  • Joiner
  • Productive
  • Leave
  • Anything else

I want to be able to create a chart that shows a count of each reason. So for example

  • Joiner = 500
  • Productive 300
  • Leave = 200

I know i can do this using the existing workflows by counting one status after another; but the problem is that the status listed above are dynamically changing.

So i need the unique count of each status

Can you schedule a workflow on status list.

And then for each status update a field with a count ?

I am doing that. But i do i handle the count as the status can be set to anything?

Imagine you had a list of orders and you wanted to count the number of orders per product; relativly easy for a few. Now what if you had 1000 different products.

why don’t you simply use a dynamic expression to calculate each status in the graph for example, do a search for employees (with constraint status=joiner) ’ count and same way for other statuses.

so let me provide an example to explain in better.

The Orders lines below contain different products

i need a way to know this

if you want to show it in a repeating group then it’s easy. Is that what you want to do?

No actually i want to store the results in a thing

any updates on workarounds guys?

regarding what exactly? A few things were discussed in this topic


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Hi @AliFarahat in your example - counting Product Name or things of a particular type to report on. Did you find a solution to the example you provided?

Many thanks!

Nope I did not

After posting my message had an idea and it worked for me, it may work for you.