How to do string validation

Hello everyone,
I am making a bubble form, now the form has many fields and one among them is customer id, now every valid customer id entered in the text box(int type) is correct if it starts with 1007. So how do I apply this validation on the input box

Hi there, @prateek.porwal123… it depends on how you define validation, but I think this condition on the customer id input field should help you get down a path…

You could have the initial content for the field set as 1007 so the user doesn’t have to enter that part of the number, and if they remove it, the condition would kick in and highlight the field.

Also, you would need to tie the form’s submit button to the same condition so the user couldn’t submit the form if the customer id doesn’t start with 1007.

Does that makes sense? Hope it helps!



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