Show group focus when condition is true


I have read several threads on the forum about creating a workflow that says when a condition is true, show group focus.

The condition which must be true is that another element is visible.

I have tried doing this several ways and it seems that it is not possible to get the group focus to show through the workflow. Everything else that I have set up for this to work functions as it should. The conditions set on all elements are correct and working as intended.

The only issue is the workflow action of show group focus doesn’t actually show the group focus.

Anybody else experience this problem lately?

Apparently, not a bug…just didn’t follow great instructions.

The way to make sure this works, as I found from a post by @romanmg (thank you) is to make an “invisible” group that has the conditions set to be visible when another element is hovered. Then in workflow have the action set to do when true (invisible group is visible).

Before I followed instructions on a post that instructed to have a group inside of the group focus that had the conditions of be visible when another element is hovered.

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I made a post to help others if you’d like to see how to

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