How to: Dynamic URL Filtering for SEO tips

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Here with another SEO tip for your Bubble app :slight_smile:

While working on i needed to filter according to the URL structure which is something like this


For Bubble to generate the sitemap of a page, you need to have the content type of the page set to one of your datatypes

So I made a datatype called “Search” prefiltered there the list of Pokemon and added other important information.

An example of a “search” with a “filter gen” and “filter type”:

title = text
description = text
Pokemon_sm = List of Pokemon_sm (The datatype that contains the Pokemon information I need)
filter gen = generation
filter type = Option set: type
slug = text

I created the 189 combinations of filters (There are 9 generations and 18 types) and set their slug depending on the filters they have

The frontend works by setting a custom state for filter gen and filter type depending the filter that is clicked

Here you can see

The first action sets the state of the filter

The second action is a “go to page” sending the “current cell’s search” and it has a condition that checks the “gen” custom state if is empty.

The third action is also"go to page" but using the custom state and the current cell to filter and find the right “search”

I hope you found this post useful, and let me know if you have questions :slight_smile:



If you need help to build your app:

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very interesting approach, thanks for sharing

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