How to dynamically fill a screen regardless of content displayed

Hi all, I have a normal Group which has a normal repeating group inside which makes the page height scrollable. I have another group which I would like to display over this however I can’t use the dynamic options in the responsive engine of 100% of Users page height & width because it will then drag the group all the way down to the repeating group height. Is there any way I can make the group just fill the user’s exact screen dimensions so it’s not scrollable? Thanks

Hmm… if you can’t use the new responsive engine for that, you can use CSS. Example:

height: 100vh !important;

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That CSS still brings the group all the way down to the RG and makes it scrollable

Yup, the CSS I provided is not complete but it is guiding you in the correct direction. You’ll need to study up on a bit of CSS and the concept of overflow.