Make RepeatingGroup fill screen height, but keep cell height


I’m trying to make a repeating group as tall as the screen (on a mobile app), but without changing the height of each individual cell. I’m fairly certain this can’t be done with the standard Bubble settings, but maybe with some CSS tricks.

@jarrad: this was what I meant when asking you questions about screen height earlier. Have you, or anyone you know, been able to solve this?

your able to get the right height with css tools now yer? you should be about to give the rg an id then use the change size over time action leaving the time as 0 and the height as the height making sure to add “px” to the end as its just a number without that.


Ah, that worked like a charm! I thought the cells would stretch along with the increased height.

Thanks as always for your plugins and generous help @jarrad!

Your very welcome mate.

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I need to do exactly this but on desktop…

But i don’t understand the above… where do we find the “change size over time action”?

I thought the number of RG rows and the height are constant?