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Creating a full height scrollable RG with the new responsive engine

Hi everyone :heart:

I am trying to have this repeating group take 100% of the height while keeping the footer menu.
I’ve tried to set it to a fixed size (ex 500px) which works great but is not responsive regarding the screen height

And when I set the height to be 100%, it indeed works but now the entire page is scrolling, not just the RG content.

Any ideas here? :slightly_smiling_face:

Instead of using the normal group as the footer, use the floating group with Bottom (Vertical float relative to).

Yes but it’s more about the header, so that means the footer also have to be floating?
Aren’t any more convenient way to achieve it with the new responsive editor?

Maybe @ZubairLK ?

Ohh. you were talking about header, Sorry I thought its about footer. You are using the new responsive editor. Okay, let me get back to you with some solution

@vnihoul77 Check this video. Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Hope it solve your problem.

Did you do that on min height or max height?

I’m typically putting min height to 0 and focus on max height settings.

How do you have the RG setup, besides the height settings? Meaning the settings on the appearance tab.

One of the things I have been requesting is for a feature to allow us to dictate on a group element that it should be scroll on overflow so that we can setup a RG with a single cell, set to full list placed inside of a container group set to max height of 100% so that the container group will have a scroll bar added when the RG contents would cause on overflow.

At current the container group max height setting of 100% if you do not check fit height to content stretches too much and on preview is all messed up. If you set the max height to 100% and set the fit height to contents it stretches the height to show all results from the RG.

There are many many issues related to the new responsive engine not having all of the necessary features/functions to allow us to really build with it at the moment. It has also been pretty slow in terms of rolling out new features the community has been requesting and I believe Bubble may be holding off on adding much much needed features until they have added all that they plan to.

Thanks for this video @ankur1 , I really appreciate the time you’ve put into it! :heart:
This is the output I am looking for but I was hoping I could maybe have the header to be a group and not a floating group.
This would be much easier because if I have 10 views with RGs, I will get 10 independent floating group alone.

I am not able to understand this.

Why 10 floating groups? The floating group is independent to Repeating group that is behind.