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How to edit and delte a "current cells' item in a RG

Hey all! I’m super close on wrapping my first Bubble app. Before I can wrap to start an Alpha I need to figure out how to both edit and delete an item that is in a RG’s Current Cell. @gf_wolfer has been a huge help for me, but to ensure that I don’t ware one person out with “asks”:), I figured I’d post something to the entire forum.

My hunch is you use the make change to and delete a thing actions, but I’m struggling with getting the correct search that actually deletes the item or edits it.



Hey Dennis,

There are a few ways to do this depending on how you want your UI. The easiest way is to have a button (or something clickable) inside the cell so that any workflow triggered from that button click can reference “current cell’s thing”. For example, when button is clicked > delete current cell’s thing.

What you cannot do is directly reference specific cells from outside the RG.

If you wanted to do a bulk edit of a list of things in the RG, you can use a custom state to hold selected things and then run a workflow on that state’s value.

You can also auto-bind inputs so that you don’t need workflows at all.

If you want to give a bit more detail on what elements are inside the cell and how you want to edit, I can help give you more specific suggestions.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

Thanks Roman for the prompt reply! I was def. searching for the Current Cell’s Thing actions. Turns out that my icons and input’s were not placed into the RP Cells (It was hard in my design mode since I have a good bit going on in there.) But! the good news all is working now as I intended. Sometimes it’s the simple things :). Thanks for confirming in fact that you can delete and edit using CS’s Thing. I am interested in that auto-binding. I’ve seen that a few times, but I’m not sure if there are any pros or cons to it?



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