Changing things straight inside RG

Hi all,

Currently working on my first Bubble project: an inventory manager!

I’m trying to add functionality to update the stock amount straight inside the RG, without a popup. I’ve seen tutorials with popups but can’t find how to do this without. I can imagine it shouldn’t be too difficult but could anyone help me on the way here? I’m kinda stuck.

Hi there, @renzetc… if I understand your post correctly, you are probably looking for this workflow action…


When an input is changed, make changes to the current row’s thing, and you should be good to go.

Hope this helps.


Almost - there’s a refresh button that pops up when the input element is focused. Right now I did it like this:

When ‘refresh button’ is clicked → make changes to product (product stock = restock input’s value) → reset relevant inputs → hide refresh button.

Thought this would work but it doesn’t… What am I doing wrong?

Ah, my bad… I didn’t actually try to change one of the rows, so I didn’t notice the refresh button (which I really like, by the way). What you have described definitely sounds like it should work… can you provide some screenshots of the workflow or read-only access to your editor so I can take a peek under the hood?

Where do I find my read-only link?

Set your app to Everyone can view, and then I will be able to access your editor.

Ah, already did that so if that’s all then you should be able to have a look now, thanks a lot!

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Your workflow is set to update the page’s product rather than the product in the RG cell.

To update the current cell’s product you need to use ‘Current Cell’s Product’ as the thing to change (or you can use Parent Group’s Product)

Works like a charm. Thanks for the help!

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