How to edit data field type?

How do you edit data field type from say text to number?

You can’t. Delete and create again.

Thanks for answer! Along same lines, can I create a field type with drop down menu choices?

I don’t understand what do you mean, could you explain further?

Thanks for the help jmalmeida. For the data field type, you can choose text, number, yes / no, etc. Now can you make a custom field where your choices are limited. So I might create a field named “City” but the field type is limited to the choices, “New York, Boston, San Francisco.” Can this be done?

There are a few ways to do that, you can
set up a new table for Cities, then set up a drop down to do a search for cities
Your city column on your data should now be a type of City, and it’ll only accept cities in your table.

Set up an option set and make your drop down look at that

Set up your drop down to be static choices but then if you want to use this again on another page you might have to ensure you keep them all up to date

Hi Richard,
Thanks for help. I thought there might be an easier way as in Webflow. In any case, since I am new to Bubble, thought the easiest was option B. But after creating options, choices didn’t show up when i did data entry. Not sure how to do a table this early in my Bubble career. Is there a free plugin that can do the job?

Just set up a new “thing” in the data tab called City
New field called City Name (data type text)

Your drop down box of cities is “do a search for Cities”

And you need a city field in your data whose type is “City” to put your data in.

You could write a screen to maintain the list, or do it yourself in the back end

thanks, richard.

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