How to embed external video links in a dynamically

I have over 3000 videos stored in DigitalOcean Spaces.

I want them to dynamically embed / call in bubble. I have tried various approaches. It is not working.

  1. I created “Video” as text in data type
  2. I bulk imported the URL’s of all the videos
  3. I used HTML5 Video Player plugin
  4. When I dynamically “this parent group’s videos” it doesn’t work

Please let me know I can I achieve this Or even if I have to use iframe how can I make source dynamic.

Did you try:

https:parents group text (video) file’s url?

Hey please find the attached screenshot. Believe me I have tried everything.

This what my my screen looks like.


change text type to file, if possible?

Hi @Timbo

Did it… have a look!!!

Temporarily store the video file in bubble database. Test that out.

hi @Timbo

When I upload the .mp4 in bubble database and then call dynamically as “Parents group books videos” . It doesn’t work.

When I upload .mp4 file from editor as static file, it works.

Is the problem persist with bubble framework? How come no one has come across this problem as I don’t find and solution this over the internet.

I’m currently out of answer options buddy. Hope someone else can help you with this.

In scenarios i’ve needed videos per thing, for example - Category with video tutorial, i give that video tutorial a file upload and add that video to the category.

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