Need help uploading html videos

Hi All,

I am trying to set up a web app where users can upload videos and play them on the same page. I know I will need to use a file uploader and HTML plugin for this but I don’t know how to send the video file to the HTML player. The only HTML code I’ve been able to find is:


But this requires you to insert a specific video url. It does not allow you to upload a dynamic one or pull one from your database. How do I modify this so that videos that are uploaded by users and saved to the bubble database can be played?

There are some video player plugins that you can use. For my app we are using this like instagram videos.

Im not sure if Taiheta will add timeline into this, you could ask maybe. I think there is some other plugin that is not free.

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Hello @lukeurie77,
Why can’t you directly use a dynamic value i.e FileUploader’s value in the source src, then it will automatically pick up whatever video user uploads and preview it in HTML player.


I have tried dynamic values with HTML 5 video player (same code as yours) and it works just fine:
No plugin needed


I created a text state for the HTML A element called Video URL.


When button 1 clicked > set state of HTMLA element > Uploader1’s value

When button 2 clicked > set state of HTMLA element > Uploader2’s value

The URL of the HTML5 video is set to the state of the HTMLA element

Thank you so much guys!! I finally got it to display the video. Now I just I have to figure how to save each one to the page. I think I can figure that out though. Thanks again for all your help.