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How to enter multiple locations into a field

I have created a field named “locations” of type “geographical location”
I need to store multiple locations in this field, so i’ve ticked the multiple checkbox.

Now in the back-end, when i click data in the left hand nav, and i want to enter some test data,
The locations field is not visible for me to type anything into it

How can i fix this?

Bubble doesn’t make list fields editable in the back end like that. You’ll have to create an interface for yourself and add the test data in via workflows.

@romanmg I’ve created an interface for entering multiple locations into one field.

I’m using the search box field as a geographical location, so they can easily type in the location.
But they can only type ONE location, how would I allow them to type multiple locations into the ONE field?

Have you tried the multiselect dropdown plugin? I haven’t tried that with locations yet, but that is a good element to use for selecting multiple things in one search box.

The multiselect drop down cannot be a geographical location type it’s just a defined list

Why would you want to merge all the locations into one field ?

Just have an input that when you hit enter adds to a list of locations, you can then show the list of locations to the user that gets added to as they type.

If you need a “list” for something later on then you can merge it back together then. But manipulating lists of locations in a single field doesn’t seem at all easy.

Can you explain this a little more

The reason I need multiple locations is because I don’t know how many the user will have

So the app is for property investors selling property. Some have one, others have 10 to sell. So I don’t know how many hence I need then to enter multiple locations

So could you please describe your suggestion in a little more detail

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