Help with saving data from multidropdown

Hi all,

I’ve spent hours reading forms/watching videos for help with this but to no avail. Perhaps because it’s a very simple answer, but as a beginner (who is losing the plot) would be very grateful for any help.

My app has client booking appointments from professionals. For the professionals’ listings, I’d like them to choose where the appointment will be, and they might want to choose all three: 1) at clinic 2) client home 3) remote.

I’m trying to save the listing with the ‘locationType’ that the pro has selected. I know this error has something to do with it being a plural value vs. singular, but how can I correct this please?

Have played around with many diff options but none have worked and I’m going a bit mad.

In a similar vein I’m trying to save ‘keywords’ with the listing too. I imagine the answer the the above question will also help me with this though :slight_smile:


hey @sophie.j.stafford

It looks like your database has wrong format. Your LocationType should be a LIST OF THINGS and it is a Thing (I know that because of the equal sign rather then “set list” in your screenshot)

Look at this example:

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Thanks so much this is starting to make sense now. Example is super helpful.

One more quick question then think I’m there - what are the different inputs here referring to? i.e. the name and the type? I don’t feel like I need two names for each thing?

Thank you for your time

Hey the multidropdown is using Option Sets

The screenshot of the Categories is irrelevant here. Sorry about the confusion - just deleted it.

In the Option sets I’m also using Category = text and Display = text but that was to help someone else another time. You don’t have to do it that way and you can use only Display.

I added second multidropdown in the example app with text only but I would recommend using options sets as it would make your app more dynamic and later changes and filtering data will be much easier.

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Ahh you’re amazing, got it now, thank you so so much!!

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