How to Establish a FK in a Child Table

I have an auction database. Each auction will have bids by different users over time.

I have two tables or objects or things or whatever this software calls them 1) auction and 2) bids and yes, a user table which is a default table.

The auction table is prepopulated with 3 rows or 3 unique auction items, a Chevy Camaro, a bottle of water and a laptop. The user can log in and bid on the items. The link is above.

When a user bids on an auction item, I want to store the FK or the unique identifier of the auction into the bid table, but HOW?

  1. what field should I add to the bid table, and what data type should it be
  2. how do set that through the UI? right now when a user selects the item they want to bid on, a popup appears and they put in the bid amount, when they click the submit on the popup, I use the workflow to create a new thing, a new bid… but how can I set the FK to be of the data type auction.


HELP… in the bids table, I want to store the

HI… I got this to work.