How To Best Set Up Data

Hello Bubblers – Thanks for all your help thus far. Love the system. I want to set up my data correctly and I’m a little lost at the best way to do it.

Site Concept: It’s a bidding platform for construction projects. I will show example how we break construction projects down:

Division 1: Architects, Structural Engineers and Civil Engineers.

Division 2: Demolition and Site Work Contractors.

On the demand side we have contractors who build projects. So this project will have all of the above for example.

On the supply side I have 3 architects who are submitting pricing for the project. Where do you think I should put the input for prices since I will have 3 inputs? I’m trying to do best practice.

Thank you!

Here is a product page where a bid is submitted. Go to 2nd tab.

Here is an excel sheet of how the data structure should be.

Hey @fayewatson I see you answered this question in this post. Things and List of Things confusion

Can you help me out? I’m not sure if I’m setting this up correctly. It seems kind of write but I’m not 100% sure. I would greatly appreciate your advice :slight_smile: Thank you!

Hi @mgray :slight_smile: I know setting up the data structure can be super overwhelming at first! I am hesitant to say what the ‘right’ way would be (since there can always be more than one way to set things up in Bubble), and also because I am not familiar with the specifics of your app. With the post you linked below, that was more so to illustrate the overall concept of how to create a custom data type, and then link that data type to another custom data type. It wasn’t necessarily to say the ‘right’ way of setting anything up.

My recommendation would be to read through and re-create existing Bubble app data structures, including creating data types and fields, custom data types, and link data types, and practice setting those up - that will definitely lead you in the right direction to build out your data structure. I highly recommend reading through Nigel’s awesome posts here about one-to-many and many-to-many relationships (ignore my posts in that thread, as they are incorrect!):

When I was first getting the hang of everything (and I’m still getting the hang of it!), I would start by practicing data structures with blank Bubble apps. For example, you can recreate the Color example that you linked to, look to this Twitter example, as well as the public Bubble editor’s data structure to see how they create custom data types and link them within each other. In my experience, new Bubble concepts always made more sense the more I practiced, and not necessarily the more I read about it. Once it starts to ‘click’ more you’ll see how you can structure the data relationships in your app much more quickly and with much less frustration! It definitely looks like you’re on the right track, but I would recommend really understanding how to create and link custom data types to each other before moving too far forward with the app’s workflows and design. :slight_smile:

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@fayewatson I read through all this and it has more questions than answers. I appreciate the in depth email :slight_smile: I will be honest with you. I have done tons of Wordpress sites over the years and learned it’s better to watch someone do it correctly the first time than to beta test and figure it all out. I certainly can do that, but I will lose months of time.

I think I asked you this before but I asked a lot of people :slight_smile: Do you have a few hours that I can pay you to set this up correctly? I think my example is much simpler than the others in this example as it’s a simple marketplace website with only projects and bids as the real variable.

If you’re not interested, let me know too. No worries. Thanks @fayewatson

@mgray sounds like you’d profit from an hour or two with Salar from @copilot. He can help you set this up properly and explain why you’re doing what you’re doing.

He might have some open sessions to grab here:

I’ve taken dozens of hours with him at this point.

@scott3 that page you reference is a bit scary. No contact number, no about us, address is from a “virtual office”… It’s just a way to set up a session with an unknown person who I’m paying money to before I start talking to them?

Do they have another website that has real information?

I’d recommend a Search CoBubble in the forums and see for yourself :slight_smile: