How to Establish a Relationship Between Two HTTP API Requests?

Hello Bubble Community,

I need assistance with displaying data in a payment table on my Bubble application. I am pulling the payment records via an HTTP request using the API connector, which includes a field for the worker’s ID who requested the payment (field WorkerAsking in the first screenshot). The worker’s name and email are retrieved from a different HTTP request, and the WorkerID in this second request corresponds to the WorkerAsking field in the payment records.

What I want to achieve is to display the worker’s name in the payment table instead of their ID number. The name information is available in the second HTTP request (as shown in the second screenshot), and I need to map the WorkerID from this request to the WorkerAsking in the payment table.

Could someone guide me on how to replace the WorkerAsking ID with the worker’s name in the table using Bubble’s functionalities?

Here are the details of what I have:

  1. The payment table with the WorkerAsking ID.
  2. A separate API call that returns the worker’s name associated with their WorkerID.

I need to link these two pieces of data so that the worker’s name appears in the payment table where their ID currently is.

I would appreciate any guidance on how to set up this kind of dynamic data linking within Bubble.

Thank you for your help!

The API call probably have a way to target a specific WorderID. Set this parameters as dynamic (not private) in your API Call.

Thanks for your response and advice.

To clarify, my main challenge is not with executing API calls. I’m able to successfully retrieve data from both APIs.

The specific task I’m facing involves integrating data from two different sources:

  1. Worker API: Provides worker details, including names and emails.
  2. Payment API: Offers payment details, including worker IDs.

My goal is to display a list of payments in the app. However, instead of showing worker IDs with each payment, I aim to display the corresponding worker names. Actually, I want to set the ‘Worker ID’ field as a unique identifier for each worker in the response data. This will be crucial for correctly matching each payment with the respective worker’s name.

Maybe you can share screenshot of your process/ui/db?
Let’s say you get the payment API, that will contain the worder ID. You first get the payment data and from there, you call the second API to get the worker data using the ID from payment data.
So I don’t know exactly where is your issue