How to execute recurring events at the same time?

Hello Makers,

I am creating an events app where the user selects an event and asks to be reminded 15 minutes before the event time.

I plan to use the Schedule API Workflow to do this.

But I have a question about it.

Each event is repeated in a time slot, let’s say:

It begins on April 12 - 2021 at 11:00 am and ends on May 23 - 2021 at 04:00 pm.

So the same event runs every day at 11am.

The user should receive a notification at say at 10:30 am each day as long as the current date is not before the end date.

So far everything is clear.

The problem is that when using the Schedule date for the API Workflow, it asks me to enter a date (dd / mm / yyyy 00:00 xx).

So, but, I would only need to use the time parameter (00:00 xx) without the date since I would use an Only when to limit the action so that it does not execute if the current date is greater than the end date.

Anyone have any idea how I could do this?

Thank you.

Your event sould do basically two things:

  1. Send a reminder to your user;
  2. Reschedule itself to repeat this action tomorrow, at the same time, only if tomorrow is before the end date.

So everyday you will be scheduling this reminder to “tomorrow” as long as tomorrow’s date is before the programed end.

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I think you are asking about the recursive step.

I would use the first date of the range plus 1 day at the required time

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This is a good solution. There are times when the simplest is the best, but it had not occurred to me to simply add 1 more day to the next reminder.

I have another question, does anyone know what is the difference between the Schedule API of each plan?

He talks about monthly, weekly and I would say I think.

But does this mean that only one user can run a Schedule API once a month if I have the personal plan that only includes monthly runs?