Sending out emails on specific days

Hi all,

This is a question regarding the API Workflows.
I have the Full Calendar with an end field of the event as a data field (type: date) in my database.

I am trying to create a trigger on the API Workflow that when the current date (and time) is the same as the end field it sends out an email. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be working correctly.

Is there someone who can help me on this?


If you trigger the API workflow with a “do when condition is true”? When the current date and time is the same as the end field? And remove the “Only when” on your endpoint.

Hi Steve, can I suggest a different approach? You can schedule the email whenever that end date is saved to the database.

For example, Create Event: End date = 07/31/18 4pm > Schedule API Workflow: Scheduled date = result of previous step’s end date/time. Now the endpoint can be set up simply with an email action and you might not need a calendar parameter (I don’t think).

As soon as event is created, the email will be schedule to go out at that date/time.

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The issue comes when the date is edited/changed. The calendar is drag and drop with autobind on. I managed to make it work with a loop workflow for scheduling the workflows. Every time there’s a change in the end date it cancels to previous api and schedules a new one.

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Hi Romanmg,

Do you mean like this?