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How to extract last X characters of a text?

I have tried “truncated from end to”. Apparently this is supposed to extract the last X characters, but it is buggy when X is a big number.

Any other way of doing that?

Extract with regex .{3}$

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Thanks! It works for a small X. If I want to extract say last 1000 characters, it fails and returns nothing. Similar behavior as “truncated from end to”.

This may be an internal Bubble limitation given the large nr of characters involved in this action.

Consider using a third party service to transform your data (Parabola or similar other)

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Thanks for the info - didn’t know there’s such a service.

I reported this to Bubble and they confirmed it is a bug. Hopefully they can resolve it quickly.

Do you think it can be done using JavaScript? I’ll look into it if it can.

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