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How to extract variable number of texts using Regex

Hi, I’m trying a tokenize a text with delimiters using “Extract with Regex”.

The delimiters are: new line \n, and numbered lists d+. (e.g. ‘1.’, ‘2.’, ‘3.’, etc.)

There is a variable number of tokens.
I don’t want the delimiters returned.

How should I write my regex? Or is there any other solution for doing such a simple string tokenizing operation?


1. One
2. Two 3. Three

Should return a list “Zero”, “One”, “Two”, “Three”

Any idea please? I’m still struggling with regex.

I tried this (pasting an image as the text doesn’t appear correctly):

But somehow it still splits when there’s a single quotation mark.


  1. Don’t come over
  2. We’ll be there

Returns a list “Don”, “t come over”, “We”, “ll be there”

When it should return “Don’t come over”, “We’ll be there”